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Prinsu Roof Rack 4Runner 5th Gen Full Non Drill 2010-2024

by Prinsu
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This Prinsu 4Runner 5th Gen roof rack is the best upgrade you can give to your rig. An aftermarket roof rack solution to take the cargo carrying capacity and functionality of your 4Runner 5th Gen to another level, thanks to a 1000 lbs weight capacity, numerous tie-down solutions and accessories, as well as a reliable American craftsmanship.

Thanks to a drill-free installation, you can have this rack installed and ready in less than an hour, with the next adventure in mind. As to quality, look no further, made in America, directly in Idaho, this Prinsu rack is top quality.

NOTE: This rack will include our all-black stainless steel hardware kit and upgraded Prinsu Pro crossbars


4Runner Prinsu Rack Advantages

  • Easy installation, no drilling required
  • Installation in less than 40 minutes, bolts into existing factory mounting points
  • 1,000 lbs of static load rating (when the vehicle is parked)
  • Ideal for roof top tents, RotoPax, MaxTrax, water tanks, cargo boxes, fishing rods, and more.
  • Low profile
  • Noise reducing trim included, barely any wind resistance
  • Works with all sunroof and no sunroof 4runner 5th Gen models
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

How Much Weight Can A Prinsu 4Runner Roof Rack Hold?

The Prinsu 5th Gen 4Runner roof rack can hold up to 1,000 lbs of weight when parked. Essentially it has a 1000 pounds static load rating. If you were wodnering, it'ss capable of carrying all your overlanding gear, from roof top tents to kayaks, boards, you name it. 

Another great feature of this roof rack is that it comes with a wind deflector to help the vehicle with aerodynamics and lower the wind noise. Plus, it's really low profile compared to other models, adding just 1.75" more to the height of your Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen, meaning you can still park anywhere.

Prinsu Roof Rack 4Runner With Sunroof

One of the good things about this Prinsu 4runner rack is the fact that it works even of you're 4Runner has a sunroof. You can tilt open the sunroof with the rack on, and if you actually want to use fully the sunroof, you could remove just the slats right above it. Be advised, that whenever you use the sunroof, if there aren't items on top of the rack, wind will collide against the slats and it will likely come into the vehicle. It's not a big deal, but it's better if you are aware of it!

4Runner Modular Roof Rack

Prinsu Roof Rack 4Runner 5th Gen Full Non Drill 2010-2024 with softhshell roof top tent open

This Prinsu roof rack for the 4Runner 5th Gen is a completely modular roof rack. What does that mean? Simple, this rack allows you to remove or add more slats onto it for your own convenience. You can also add other accessories to it, such as load panels, and treat it pretty much as if it was your own toy to build, shift and test parts on.

The roof rack itself has 2 laser cut side rails constructed of 1/4″ 5052 aluminum plate and is also black powder coated to prevent it from eroding or rusting under any weather condition. From Arizona to the Pacific North West, it can take whatever element you throw at it.

This 4Runner Prinsu rack comes with 9 crossbars and you can choose how many you want to mount depending on how heavy the cargo you are hauling on top of it is. You may also choose to install all 9 of them if you want to mount a roof top tent on top of it. The more crossbars or slats (another name for the bars going from side to side), the higher the weight rating of the roof rack.

The removable slats or crossbars are made of 1" x 2" aluminum extrusion each with two top facin t-slot channels, a fore and aft channel and another two bottom facing channels. Thanks to these channels, it's simple and easy to add any accessories such as mounts or lighting, as well as adding more tie-down options and solutions. The whole rack comes powder coated entirely in black, including the hardware which comes in a black zinc.

Installing the 4Runner Prinsu rack is pretty straightforward because it is a no-drill roof rack that bolts directly into the existing roof factory mounting points, meaning you don't have to use power tools and manipulate the roof of your vehicle. Instead, is simpler, faster, and requires just bolts and a screwdriver. 

Pro tip: It's better to install the side rails on the roof first then install the middle/end/ and front cross-bars after.

Prinsu Roof Rack 4Runner Light Bar

Cali Raised 42" Lighbar

NOTE: Cali Raised LED 42" Lightbars are offered in case you'd like to pair your Prinsu rack with an amazing and solid light bar. Make sure to select yours when choosing the product's variants.

In case you'd like to know more about the lightbars:

  • Cali Raised LED 42" Slim Single Row LED Light bar. Click HERE
  • Cali Raised LED 42" Slim Single Row LED Lightbar (Amber). Click HERE

IMPORTANT: LP4 Light Pod Cut Out if offered as an option for the Prinsu Rack. We also carry the respective Baja Designs LP4 lights. Each Wind Deflector can accommodate a total of 7 LP4's.

In case you'd like to read about the Baja Designs LP4 Pro LED Lights and add them to your order